Make Your Brand Memorable

We take the time to personally understand your company and your clients.

Each gift is carefully selected and packaged to represent your company in a personable manner.  We can either take difficult decisions from regular gifting, or work with you to create something special.  Our partnership with Brand & Ink allows us produce quality branded gifts, along with memorable packaging without skipping a beat.


Brand Your Basket

All our gift baskets are:

A Piece of Art

Handcrafted in our workshop at the time of order, no gift basket is exactly the same.  We don’t skimp on the flair, making your unique gift a centerpiece at every angle.

Carefully Selected

Family and friends tested, each gift basket is filled with our home favourites, along with some of the flavors of the month.  We gift with our hearts, not with the bargain bin.

Generously Filled

Our gift baskets are an experience.  Just when they think the giving stops, there is one more surprise.  We stuff your basket to the very bottom with goodies, not confetti.

We Take Giving Very Personally.

Got requests, comments or questions?  Send us a message and let us know how we can make your gesture hit its mark.